Risk Free Trial


Guaranteed pain relief or your money back

  1. Try Z-CoiL Footwear for 30 days in your real life. Give them a real workout!
  2. If they don’t meet your expectation, return them in any condition.
  3. You are only responsible for your return shipping costs.

Must have been purchased from Springy Feet

Springy Feet will only refund purchases from Springy Feet. Please include your order confirmation receipt or shipping list (in your box upon receipt).

Return shipping Costs

Your only cost is return shipping postage.

Returned Credit (Please allow 10 days):

Although we will process your return with a day or two of receipt, it may take up to 10 business days for your credit to appear back on your credit card due to bank processing.

Limited 90 Day Workmanship Warranty:

 * 90 days from date of purchase

Any malfunction or defect in the workmanship of the footwear is covered by Z-CoiLs Limited 90 Day Workmanship Warranty. This does not include normal wear and tear. Your footwear is covered for 90 days after purchase. We will repair the Z-CoiL Footwear if there is a minor malfunction at no cost. If the problem cannot be repaired, we will replace your footwear for no additional cost. Please send the malfunctioning or defective footwear back to Springy Feet. You must have the original sales receipt from Springy Feet to be eligible for this warranty. ​