Nikki, the owner of Springy Feet. [Plantar Fasciitis]

I developed plantar fasciitis 3 years ago when I increased my exercise routine. However, with two young children and working in two businesses, it was impossible to stay off my feet to give them the recovery time they required. And they seemed to be demanding a lot of recovery time! Months passed. I went to the podiatrist and got two types of orthotic: off-the-shelf and custom made. I followed the podiatrist's advice but the pain was hideous. I remember crying because it was too painful to stand and cook the family's dinner. It was debilitating and depressing as many of the things I enjoyed doing were no longer possible. As time passed and with little relief I kept madly googling and reading everything I could about plantar fasciitis. Acupuncture was helpful, I hobbled in to my first appointment and walked out but the pain of the actual treatment was so severe (although short-lived) that I saw stars. I didn't want to have to keep going back for more painful treatments. I emptied my wardrobe of my gorgeous shoes and tried and bought many types of comfort shoes, none of which gave much relief. Finally one night, on someone's blog in the United States, I read that whenever their plantar fasciitis flared up they just put on their Z-CoiLs. I immediately googled 'Z-Coil' and was stunned to read the incredible testimonials. The price nearly put me off because I had already spent quite a lot of money trying to fix my problem but the testimonials and the 30 day trial period reassured me. When my Z-Coils arrived I put them on and loved them from the very first step. One week later I was completely pain free. The Z-CoiLs allowed me to make an active recovery, they worked much better than a week of complete rest! I am so grateful to Z-CoiLs for giving me back my life. I am back at the gym and there is nothing I can't do. They are such a joy to wear. I now look forward to big day trips and massive outings because I don't get tired in my Z-CoiLs. I started Springy Feet because so many people asked me about the spring in my shoes and I enjoy spreading the word about Z-CoiLs so that more people can be pain free and get their life back like I did. 

Colleen Langlois, WA on the Sidewinder Sandal (written feedback provided at the EveryWoman Expo on 15 June 2018)

My experience has been totally awesome. I have had immediate relief, all over, feet, legs, back. Burning feet subsided within a few hours. I am now able to walk the length of my local shopping mall without pain. Absolutely wonderful !!! 5 STARS for Quality, Service & Value.​

Anthony, WA on the Sidewinder Sandal, the Legend and the Freedom (posted on Word of Mouth 7 April, 2018)

I've been fortunate enough to buy many good things throughout my life but one of the greatest and most valuable towards good health and comfort are these springy shoes and sandals that have been introduced to me at a stall at the Camping and Caravan Show. To-date I've blessed the day I found them. 5 STARS

Patricia, WA on the Sidewinder Sandal and the Olivia Boots (posted on Word of Mouth 13 May 2018)

I have the Sidewinder sandals and the Oilivia boots. They are amazing. I do a lot of walking on concrete at work. Without Z-coils my feet really ache. With Z-coils, my feet just don’t get sore or tired. They are also my go to for any event where I know I will be standing for a long time. I can feel they change my posture and support my knees and hips too. There is just so much support. It’s like suspension for your body. Nikki provides a great service, she really knows her stuff. If you get achey, sore feet for whatever reason, do your body a favour and put it on some z-coils! ;-)​   5 STARS

Jonica, WA on The Freedom [Plantar Fasciitis](written feedback received 11 May 2018)

My new springy feet are going well. I have just walked down to Hyde Park with my grand daughter and that is 2 km. I could never have done that last week!!

Higgins, Wave Rock, WA on the OutBack Hiker (written feedback received 25 March 2018)


Pearl of Kalgoorlie, WA on the Sidewinder Sandal and The Freedom [Shin splints and Osteo Arthritis] (posted on Word of Mouth 2 Nov 17)

I can’t believe how much ZCoil shoes have turned my life around. I struggled to walk 5 kms with normal sports shoes because I suffered with severe shin splints along with osteo arthritis in my back and hips. I would moan and complain the whole time. I can now walk/jog 6km in 45mins (I’m 51 and not fit) and I have no pain. My walking partner can’t believe I don’t complain at all now! I do have good pain afterwards from working my muscles but that’s all. I bought the sandal style first and after realising how amazing they were after about 2 months I was back for the Freedom trainers. I cannot recommend Springy Feet shoes more highly. They’ve given me back my Freedom literally, when it comes to exercise.​ 5 STARS

Greg, WA on The Outback with Composite Toe [Ankle & Heel fusions](posted on Word of Mouth 29 Nov 17)

I have ankle and heel fusions to both feet which restricts my movement considerably, springy feet have given back my mobility walking on uneven surfaces, steps and general walking has increased two fold thank you guys you have taken me back to 15 years ago​. 5 STARS

Stefan, QLD with Achilles tendon insertion and heel pain (posted on Word of Mouth 4 Dec 17)

I have been suffering from Achilles tendon insertion and heel pain for probably 1.5 years now - to the degree that I had to stop running and dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. I tried all sort of running shoes, night splints, podiatry treatments, and nothing really helped.
The various pairs of Z-Coil shoes that I bought so far did not miraculously completely cure my heel pain over night. But I can walk - and even run again - without serious pain. In the morning and after periods of inactivity there is still stiffness and pain, but it disappears quickly when wearing the Z-Coils. With the very effective shock-absorption that the Z-Coils offer, the continuous micro-traumatisation stops and the inflammation finally has a chance to heal.
So far, I have purchased 4 pairs: Freedom classic and enclosed, Outback open, and Sidewinder open, and I try to wear them as much as possible. Running in Z-Coils is a bit different; the shoes are heavier than normal running shoes, and the coils do seem to absorb some energy, so I can't run at my usual pace, but the important thing is that I can run again without having to fear that my heel pain will be worse over the next couple of days.
The shopping experience at Springy Feet itself is fantastic. Nikki is very passionate about Z-Coils, and she will not tire to work with you, tweak and adjust things, until you have achieved the best possible outcome.
If you suffer from any form of lower limb or even lower back pain, give Z-Coils a serious consideration. 5 STARS

Elaine S, WA on the Legend with Velcro and enclosed heels (posted on Word of Mouth 20 Dec 17)

Springyfeet shoes provided me with shoes that helped support my feet and reduce the pain I had in the ball of my left foot and enabled me to walk without pain. Thank you for your assistance in doing that.​ 5 STARS

Emma Dixon on the Z-Breeze (posted on Facebook 25 Oct 17)

I've just bought a pair of these. So comfy.

Ms C. Jones, of Mount Claremont, WA on the Z-Breeze (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Loving the shoes!! Receiving lots of positive feedback on the appearance but of course, the most important thing is my feet!!! They never come off my feet. No more barefoot in the house...they are by my bed for even short trips to the loo! And they are left outside the shower..... maybe I should just shower in them!

Mr T. McNeven, of Clermont, Queensland on the Prime Boots (Fused Ankle)

The boots turned up yesterday thanks. The fastest parcel to ever turn up at your expense thank you. The boots are exactly what I wanted and are a perfect fit with my orthotics inserted and with my stockings and sleeve on. Perfect. I am so grateful I can now immediately walk away when I stand up.​​

Helen Hewitt of Fremantle, WA on The Freedom in Pink and Grey

I love these shoes! Walking had become painful due to heel pain and general feet ache. Wearing these shoes has resolved all those problems and I feel like I've got an important part of my life back again.

Mrs L. Richards, of Wembley, WA on the Toffler (Aching when standing for long periods)

I have been trying a new pair for a couple of weeks and they have been great! I have a bad knee and they definitely help when I need to stand for hours painting.

Nurse L. Garrety of Mount Annan, NSW on The Freedom in Black with Enclosed Heel

I received my first pair of ZCoil shoes this week and i love them. My feet feel supported and so easy to wear straight away. The consultant Nikki from Springy Feet was so helpful and fantastic to liaise with. Thankyou Nikki and ZCoils​.

Tash, Manager of Fernwood Gym Melville, WA on The Freedom in Black with Enclosed Heel.

From my personal experience these shoes are magical! I have found my feet don't get as sore standing up at work and they add so much more support​.

​​​​​​​Jacqueline Elizabeth, WA on The Freedom in Fuschia and Grey and the Z-Breeze

The shoes are wonderful and have generated several conversations and comments. I have been called 'devil woman with those shoes', as Astro girl, Zebedi (from the magic roundabout) and the shoes have been called moon boots. Nonetheless they are wonderful for my feet , the problem I had when I came there has improved to allow me to walk properly. I want to buy another pair Tofflers with the enclosed heel.

Mr Ambrose of Cockburn, WA on The Prime Boot with Composite Toe [Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction; PTTD]

Manna from heaven.   

I was suffering from severe pain in the arch area of my right foot and after seeing a physiotherapist and podiatrist was diagnosed with Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD).

I spent a lot of money on orthotics, which helped, but my job involves continuous standing and walking all day. In conventional work boots I was always coming home limping and in pain. Gradually, the pain was getting worse and I was getting desperate for a solution as none of the conventionally prescribed solutions worked.

I heard of Z-CoiLs by chance and thought I’d better check them out. I hummed and hahhed at first because I had already spent a lot of money and the boots are not cheap but eventually I thought I’d give it a go. And from the first day I wore them – a complete revelation – a complete reduction in pain and difficulty. Within days I no longer limped and was pain and symptom free and that’s just from wearing them during the working week! The benefit even continued over the weekend when I was not wearing them.

Thanks to Springy Feet and Z-CoiLs I have been able to go back about my life as I did before.

Here is a picture of my boots – they are standing up very well to a tough work environment.

I am happy to talk to any of your potential customers about my experience and tell them about this amazing product.

Ms M. A. of Bibra Lake, WA on The Sidewinder Sandal with Enclosed Heel

I have had these shoes for nearly a week. Yes they are expensive, not a fashion statement and a bit ungainly.. but my feet don't hurt anymore.. for me, at least..its worth it..

Since this review, Ms M.A. has returned to Springy Feet and also purchased The Z-Breeze, The Toffler and The Freedom. She says she will only buy shoes from Springy Feet from now on...

Michael Brown of Ocean Grove, VIC on The Prime Boot with Composite Toe on the farm [Severe Osteoarthritis, wearing an Ankle Foot Orthotic]

After limping for 6 months I learnt I had bone fragments in my ankle joint, and my cartilage had completely worn away. My ankle was very swollen and I was in a significant amount of pain. The diagnosis is severe osteoarthritis in my ankle, and I now wear an Ankle Foot Orthotic which stops all movement of my ankle. I work on a farm with uneven ground, steep inclines, and I hop in and out of machines all day. I was finding that a rocker shoe was not giving me the movement that I needed, and work was becoming increasingly difficult, some jobs I was unable to do. I have started wearing the Prime Work Boot with composite toe. It reduced knee and hip pain by absorbing shock. I can now walk on slippery grass, mud and steep batters and the shoe moulds to most angles. The shoe allows me to have a normal gait, rather than limping, which is important to me. I have Dubbin Waxed them and they are now completely waterproof. I have also glued on toe protectors to protect the leather on the steel caps. They are very comfortable and I highly recommend them for anyone with similar ailments.

Michael in his Prime Boots from Springy Feet - showing his AFO

Katherine Hall of Melbourne, VIC on the Prime Boots used at work as a chef and taken on holidays to Venice.

​Thanks to Springy Feet I'm still springing around Venice after 2 weeks, walking between 7 and 10 kms, sometimes more, each day!

Melody of Port Kennedy, WA on The Prime Boots and the Sidewinder Sandals (posted on Word of Mouth 23 Sep 17)

I love my boots I bought, they are fantastic, very comfortable, very grounding and can be worn casually or even with a dress. The sandals I'll wear again in the warmer months but they are very comfortable & springy. They are the black velcro open spring type, very zany but groovy. Happy with my purchases and happy to recommend​. 5 STARS​​

Martine of Hamilton Hill, WA on the Freedom (posted on Word of Mouth 22 Oct 17)

Height, bounce, staying power, all covered :D
3+ hours of New Order and Joy Division was a dream!


Mark Kimberley on the Prime Boots purchased at the Dowerin Machinery Field Days (posted on Facebook 22 June 17)

We were doing the Security work at the field day nd the GF and I bought a pair each. I have notorious flat feet and busted legs from motorbike smash's and the GF has a bad back. What a difference! within hours I was refreshed and walking comfortably and I couldn't believe the difference they have made to our lives. Thanks guys! It was well worth shelling out the bucks for the ability to be on my feet again!

Lloyd, WA on the Sidewinder Sandal and the Freedom [Osteoarthritis & shorter right leg] (posted on Word of Mouth 17 April 18)

My old pal, Osteo Arthur-itis, has been with me for over 10 years, causing stiffness and pain in both knees. I also suffer lower back pain and scoliosis as a result of a shorter right leg. I have spent a lot of money on various types of footwear including custom made and off the shelf orthotics, and relief only seems temporary, and I have been determined to try any non-surgical procedure, for as long as I can bear the discomfort of Mr Arthur-itis.

After reading Nikki Miller’s article on Z-Coil pain relief footwear, in the Fremantle Herald, I immediately contacted Nikki for an appointment to try out a pair of Z-Coil shoes - I came home with two bought pairs of Z-Coil shoes, the Sidewinder and Freedom Black. Now I can walk confidently knowing that each step with my Z-Coils provide a lot of relief from pain and stiffness in the knees and lower back. In fact, I can now walk longer and at a quicker pace pain free with the Z-Coils than with my many collection of the ordinary shoes.

Z-Coils are brilliant shoes…excellent shock absorbers! I do not require to wear orthotics, and Z-Coil heel lifts are fitted to my right shoe for my shorter right leg....couldn’t imagine the improvement it provided with a simple and cheap device.....Awesome! Awesome!Awesome!

I am so fortunate to have met Nikki Miller of Springy Feet, who is always helpful and patient. Nikki provided me with lots of encouragement and confidence. I gained more confidence in this non-surgical treatment for my arthritic knees and lower back pain, as I am not yet ready to live with ‘orthobot’ knees.

Mark, WA, purchased the Freedom (posted on Word of Mouth 18 April 2018)

the shoes have been the best purchase. not only very comfortable but pain free achillies. can't rave enough​   5 STARS


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